Hello! This is Baybars.

Hello! This is Baybars.

Within 10 years of experience in the industry, I’ve taken on various marketing consultancy roles at network agencies (Havas Group, WPP’s Grey and gtb) and startups including growth marketing, business development and product management. Currently, I manage a digital marketing consultancy company called Flam Digital based in London, UK.

How Can We Collaborate?

— Data Driven Growth Marketing

Whether the objective is to increase the amount of users, leads or sales, it all starts with putting the right data set to good use. We can work on all stages of user acquisition and retention strategy from persona discovery to conversion optimisation.

— Business Development

I believe marketing efforts should go hand in hand with business development in order to create a sustainable ROI. I’m one of those marketers who can keep an eye on your MoM and YoY graphs we’re going to create together.

— Product Monetization

Are you a publisher trying to optimize monthly revenue from ad partners?AdSense is doing okay but you heard from a friend programmatic might treat you better? I’ve been there. I’ve been on the publishing, ad buying and ad sales side, so I know the whole drill.

— Analysis & Reporting

You’re almost sure you’re measuring everything about right, but there’s this metric on your dashboard that just keeps messing with you. I know that metric. I enjoy taking a punch in the face of that metric. Repeatedly. So fast that Rocky would wanna train with me.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, or what you want to achieve with your product.

Let’s discuss it all together.

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