( is the global version) is a video based experience exchange platform focused on career, professions and education. We worked together in 2017 where I spent most of my time on user growth and product development activities.

There were many problems we would like to fix, although as all startups do, we too had limited resources, therefore it would only make sense to concenctrate on the most immediate ones, as I’ll try to summarise a few here below.


  1. The site has a good depth of unique user-generated content, but the visitors find the UX very hard to navigate & discover new content.
  2. It’s hard to maintain user generated content since new content generation towards retention is mostly done manually by site editors.
  3. We could not collect & store enough user data for marketing activities.
  4. We could not recommend (new) content based on user data.
  5. There were SEO issues due to technical constraints.


We needed to fully understand how our users interacted with the site, if they’re scrolling enough to see the next content, if they’re spending enough time to read the posts all through, or if they could find the navitagion easy enough to jump on to the next post?

During initial analysis, while we were taking a look at the analytics data, we decided to evaluate real user feedback at the same time. We were getting tons of messages, emails, comments on social media already, so we manually filtered common issues from those feedbacks.

We made infrastructural changes that will give the ownership of content creation process to the users by creating a tag system similar to Quora. This allowed us to implement a recommendation engine to the content, so that users started to feel the site is more personalized towards their personal data. Thus, collecting user data made more sense to both editors and users as well.

We changed the whole pagination system; creating infinite scrolls activated by user. In order to create a better page depth that will be more SEO friendly, we abandoned all subdomains, creating x10 more of new pages by link building activities.


28% increase in Users
18% increase in Sessions
49% increase in Pageviews
26% increase in Pages/Session
19% decrease in Bounce Rate
10% increase in traffic from Organic Search

In a summary, considering the short timeframe we worked on this (about 3-4 months), it was amazing to see these % improvements on the most important metrics for the business.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this, have any questions or feedback!

Published by Baybars Umur

Marketing and Business Development Expert.

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