Metlife, a leader brand in insurance, wanted to use digital as a direct selling platform, to offer one of their products online for the first time; Personal Accident Insurance.


  • Website infrastructure including the CMS (Content Management System) was out-of-date, and would not let us build anything on top the existing site.
  • Brand’s socal media assets and its reach through owned channels were behind the competition.
  • Due to the recently introduced personal data privacy law, direct communication channels (e-mail & sms) were limited.
  • Audited both locally and globally, the brand had a lot of constraints for online security, technology and data.


In order to adjust to the constraints of the brand, we built a microsite under the existing domain of Metlife, although with an up-to-date, mobile first solution. Since ROI was top priority for the fate of the project, limited spending needed to be done for both the development and the running phase.

For traffic acquisition, we priotised a media mix of Facebook and Instagram for performance based social, and Google Adwords & Display for PPC functions. Also, in order to create awareness and positive sentiment around the brand, we wrote SEO driven content using keywords with high monthly search volume.

The key element of this project was to run constant iterations until we reach a sweet spot for traffic acquisition costs, so we started with a few image / copy (CTA) sets in the beginning, matching them with different audience sets through all channels at the same time.

Over a period of 15 days, we already knew which messages and images would not work, so we dumped them quickly, and adopted new ones to test against the existing (better) units.

In order to keep the costs under control, we adopted a lean/start-up-like approach to test & learn in the quickest way possible and kept a daily eye on high priority metrics, with tools like Google Analytics, Data Studio, Advermind and FB Business Manager.

We also kept all cost related metrics on daily updated Google spreadsheets where everyone from the client team and the agency team could both easily reach.

Using Optimizely, we performed A/B tests and updated the user flow and design accordingly.

We also managed stategic partnerships with gittigidiyor (ebayTurkey) and DenizBank (one of the leading digital banks in Turkey) in order to utilize their customer data & segments.


Our content reached over 10 Million unique people through all channels.

We collected 10.000+ high quality leads over a period of 3 months.

Weekly design & UX updates resulted with 45% increase on overall Session to Succesful Lead rate through all channels.

Gained 40.000+ new fans on Facebook.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this, have any questions or feedback!

Published by Baybars Umur

Marketing and Business Development Expert.

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