Pegasus, the low cost airline of Turkey ran a year long campaign to promote local tastes & lucky finds to attract potential customers seeking for alternative destinations.


  • Pegasus does more than 40 campaigns each year, generally promoting through owned channels. Because of high frequency campaign communication, it has become harder to attract new customers through existing channels over time.
  • Less known / alternative local destinations do not get as much attention from travellers compared to the Top 10 most famous ones.


We partnered up with Yemeksepeti, the biggest online food delivery service in Turkey to use their database of actively food ordering users. People use the website for impulsive buying; they mostly order food in the last minute when they’re hungry and they leave the site immediately once they do. Therefore we didn’t want to interfere through the ordering process but still attract the right people.

Using Yemeksepeti’s user data, and having all privacy constraints considered, we created multiple audiences for various types of local food, and matched it with the location of its origin.

Whenever a user ordered one of those predefined food, we showed retargeting banners on the web, Facebook or Instagram, with a personal message inviting them to go try that food in the location of origin.


Total reach of 5M+ people through display and social channels. With a CTR of 5%, directed more than 250k potential travellers to Pegasus’ website. 

You may have a look at the case study video here:

Please let me know if you enjoyed this, have any questions or feedback!

Published by Baybars Umur

Marketing and Business Development Expert.

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