3 Basic Rules To Form A Healthy Brand-Agency Relationship

According to a recent survey done by Digiday, only 44% client-side marketing executives believe their agencies’ business interests are aligned with their company’s business interests, and this is not shocking, unfortunately. Keeping a healthy brand-agency relationship has never been easy, especially if you're working in a demanding, fast-paced marketing ecosystem, working on daily briefs and [...]

How Did We Increase Monthly Revenue By 60%?

If you are in digital publishing business and putting your best efforts on revenue optimisation, this might be for you. Being an online publisher is harder than ever. Facebook is changing its newsfeed algorithm everyday, GDPR has been introduced in the European Economic Area (with uncertainties for many), who knows what's going to happen in the [...]

Case Study: Pegasus & Yemeksepeti #BestInTheirHomeTown

Pegasus, the low cost airline of Turkey ran a year long campaign to promote local tastes & lucky finds to attract potential customers seeking for alternative destinations. Problems Pegasus does more than 40 campaigns each year, generally promoting through owned channels. Because of high frequency campaign communication, it has become harder to attract new customers [...]

Case Study: Metlife Insurance Sales

Metlife, a leader brand in insurance, wanted to use digital as a direct selling platform, to offer one of their products online for the first time; Personal Accident Insurance. Problems Website infrastructure including the CMS (Content Management System) was out-of-date, and would not let us build anything on top the existing site.Brand's socal media assets and [...]